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Closet Hacks

Double the function of your closet, no matter its size. Maximize every square inch with these hacks and you’ll never have closet envy again:

Buy organizers
Take a good look at your closet, do some research, and map your hack attack. Then run on over IKEA, or Target, or wherever, and purchase some durable and sturdy closet organizers.

Don’t forget the space above
Depending on the height of your ceilings, there’s typically 1-2 feet of perfectly good air space from the top shelf to the ceiling. Utilize every square inch by storing out-of-season items, or rarely used items, in this space.


Use space saving bags
Ziplock was on to something when they came out with their space bags. If you’ve got a vacuum, you’ve got an easy way to put away unused clothes. Suck the air right out and slide it under the bed. Thank u. next.

Invest in a really good jewelry organizer
Our personal favorite is the Mirror Jewelry Armoire, but there are dozens of organizers for your jewelry—it all depends on where you need the space.

For shoes, go vertical
Don’t let your shoes pile up at the bottom of your closet. Do yourself a favor and buy those vertical shoe organizers. They fit more than you’d think and you can double-up on your flats, putting two pair in one pocket. For boots, line them up on the floor underneath your clothes so they’re still out of the way but visible. 

Contrary to Mommy Dearest, only use wire hangers
Plastic hangers, while durable, take up more space than wire hangers. Have a few plastic hangers on hand for heavy items, but the bulk of your hangers should be wire to maximize the most about of bar space available.

Fold and stack pants
If you’ve purchased the recommended closet organizers, then you should follow the recommended pants theory: fold, don’t hang. Pants are easier to pick out when stacked, and it’s an item that is easier to iron should the creases form.